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Freshii near me

Freshii Near Me

Freshii near your current location? Easily discover all places to eat, drink and shop food around you.

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Click to share your location and find some Freshii near you

Find all places to eat, cafes and food shops near you (within 1000 meters of your current location)

Find specific places to eat near you and further afield

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Popular dishes and drinks

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Most popular fast food chains

Fast food chains

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No software installation

No software installation

This tool is based in your web browser, no software is installed on your device

Free to use

Free to use

It's free, no registration is needed and there is no usage limit

All devices supported

All devices supported

Food Near Me is an online tool that works on any device that has a web browser including mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers



Feel safe to grant the permissions to access required resources on your device, these resources aren't used for any purpose other than stated


Food near me is an online tool that allows you to discover restaurants, cafes and food shops around you, wherever you are.

With a simple click you can either find all restaurants, cafes and food shops at close proximity (within 1000 meters of your current position), or find specific places to eat your favorite food.

You can easily filter out the places that aren’t currently open and get directions to the place of your choosing, as well as their website and phone number.

In a few clicks, you’re on your way to your next fast food or culinary discovery.

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